SideBeSide is a school based therapeutic service that benefits the whole school community by being available to all children and, where helpful, to parents/carers and staff. It offers consistent, comprehensive and high quality support to children who are affected by emotional or behavioural difficulties. We have a multi-disciplinary team, including Psychotherapists and Creative Arts Therapists, Occupational and Speech and Language therapists, able to provide flexible, timely and targeted interventions to improve emotional wellbeing and help children to thrive.

We work together with Senior Management Inclusion teams, and Special Educational Needs staff with the aim of becoming well integrated into the school’s pastoral system in the knowledge that working together benefits the child. Alongside school staff we aim to encourage and support children to cope better with adversity and to find their talents.

The SideBeSide Team Manager oversees our team of specialist trainees and qualified staff who provide the following:

Psychotherapy and Creative arts based therapies

Occupational therapy

Speech and language therapy

We also recruit general volunteers to run lunchtime and after school clubs and to do one to one reading with selected children.

‘A Team Manager is the bridge between the SideBeSide service and the school. It is our unique presence in the school that makes the service accessible, integrated and welcoming. We listen to the school’s needs and work closely with staff, parents, carers and external agencies, to ensure that the children are provided with flexible and tailored support. A key feature of the SideBeSide service is the in depth support and care that Team Managers are able to offer to the whole school. Team Mangers also offer 1:1 and group interventions for children and maintain a relationship with every child that receives support from a member of our wonderful therapeutic team’  Team Manager, Primary School