How Can People Get Involved 

There are several ways in which individuals, businesses or companies can help us to help our students. 


Join our Team of Confidence Building Friends (CBFs) 

Each student of the School of Confidence has the opportunity to build a relationship with a Confidence Building Friend (CBF). CBFs meet and make contact with their student on a regular basis. 

CBFs are not expected to fix their student’s problems but rather to ‘be present’ and ‘listen’, both of which are enormously healing and beneficial to our vulnerable young adults. Having a CBF gives our students the chance to spend time with a safe adult who is consistent, reliable, a dependable source of encouragement and a positive, caring role model.

What is unique about being a CBF is that it’s not one-way. CBFs give their time and attention to their student and in return they have the rewarding and enriching experience of getting to know a special young person. As a result of the unique training we provide to our CBFs and their experiences during this process, they learn to become more caring and compassionate members of society. The transformation of our CBFs is in many ways just as valuable to society as the transformation of the lives of the young people in the programme. 

Our CBFs come from a variety of professional fields and backgrounds. Students are matched with a CBF according to their aspirations and talents. We are always looking to add to our team of CBF volunteers. Anyone who wants to make an extraordinary difference to a young person’s life and be a part of a confidence-building journey for an exceptional individual, should contact us for more information. 


To note: We give all CBFs full training and ongoing support. 

Lead one of our Confidence Building Workshops 

In conjunction with our CBF programme, the School of Confidence runs a core curriculum of practical workshops and a series of inspirational talks, designed to boost our students’ confidence and prepare them for the next stage of their development. 

Workshops are diverse and include understanding body language, how to make a good first impression, how to prepare for an interview, how to be more assertive, how to boost motivation and positivity, communicating effectively, goal setting, how to realise your dreams, masterclasses in different professions, workshops on meditation, nutrition, fitness and more. 

Our commitment is to help every one of our students to move along in their confidence journey. We aim to introduce new workshops that will help our students to gain new skills and face up to the challenges that life presents. We welcome anyone with an expertise or hobby that they would like to share with some remarkable young people. Please contact us to find out more about running a workshop or talk for the School of Confidence. 

As well as the workshops, we also organise regular activities such as movie nights where we watch inspiring films (and generally eat pizza and popcorn!) as well as outings and trips. 


Donate Goods for Students 

The young people we work with have not been pampered in their childhood and many do not even have the basics such as a bed or regular meals. With your help we can give them more advantages in their adulthood. 

If you have any goods or services that you can donate for our students it would have the potential to really make a difference to someone’s life. We are in particular looking for donations of computers, laptops and mobile phones. We try to help our students to apply for jobs and work experience but many do not have access to a computer or a smart phone. We aim to have a pool of desktop computers and laptops in our School for students. 

We are also in the process of refurbishing our School of Confidence hub with more comfortable furniture and would be grateful for any donations of furniture, such as couches, rugs, some cushions, tables and chairs or anything else that would help us to transform the area into a comfortable, cosy and inviting space.

We also appreciate restaurant, theatre or cinema vouchers, anything to enable our students to have new positive experiences, experiences that much of society simply take for granted. 

Offer Work Experience 

A proportion of our students are ready for work but have missed out on work experience. This puts them at a disadvantage when applying for jobs. They have also had minimal exposure to different professions and their career ideas are consequently limited. 

We try to expose our young people to different types of jobs and to give them different work experiences. Our students in the main do not have the capacity to network and find work opportunities themselves or through either friends or family. We practice workplace scenarios with our students but nothing beats a real experience in the workplace. Offering work experience – anything from a day’s shadowing to a longer placement – would be invaluable to our young people. 

Some of our students may require a level of support and guidance. In these cases we may request that a member of staff is on hand in the work placement, to feedback sensitively where needed, to help them grow in understanding. 

For any further information please contact our Programme Director, Candice Woolfson on