The School of Confidence is a personalised programme to support young people (18-25 year olds) in improving their confidence and overall wellbeing to unlock their potential and access employment, education or training. Everyone receives one-to-one keywork and specialist support, a unique type of befriender as a mentor and a programme of specially designed workshops and events. Every journey through the School of Confidence is individualised and provides empathy and understanding in helping young people to come to terms with any past adversity and to move on and progress into independent adulthood with the confidence, self-belief, resilience and skills required for work or further study.

We work with young people with complex challenges who require intensive and relatively long term keyworking and specialist support. SoC offers these young people the opportunity to explore and address the root causes of their problems – be that biological, psychological, social or a combination of the three – and then supports them to deal with these.

The School of Confidence programme lasts 12 months with follow up (lighter-touch) support for a further 12 months, making this a two-year intervention maximum. The relationships formed however continue for longer. The young people view the SoC in some ways as an extended family. We become important to them and they are important to us. We continue to have regular reunions with our young people, and they remain in contact with their mentors, long after they have graduated from the programme.